FWARP! - Face Warp App Reviews

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Save your space!

If i could i would rate this -10 out 5 stars. A: it doesnt work. B: to many adds. And C: WASTE OF SPACE

Ive seen better

When I used Fwarp, I took some pictures and when I looked at my camera roll, all my Fwarp pictures where white. Also, I tried scrolling up to use some more pictures, it wouldnt let me. Please fix this!

Dont buy at all

This app is horrible, the stuff doesnt even work all u do is move the pic around A WAST OF MONEY!!!!!


Dont buy this app - it it virtually useless - the functions do NOT work.

Dont buy!

There are only four effects!


I havent downloaded it yet but from what Ive heard it stinks


And i paid money for this y All u do is move the pic around it is crappp It probaply took 2 seconds to make the piece of i mean app

Really cool and great for kids!!!

Worth it!!!


TOTALLY worth 99 cence bolt creations has dun it again one of my favorite apps EVER!!!!!

Pretty funny

Not a lot to the app, but its pretty funny to warp the pics!

this crap suks

it is very crapy pocketgod is much better


do not buy this is crap dosnt work messed up it gives u instructions example it says to pich it and u do it and it gets messed up total waist of money this thing might as well just be free

They got me with the okey doke!!

Not sure what happened with this app. I played with this app (or an earlier much better version of it) at the store before purchasing this iPhone. The store version allowed you to touch, hold and stretch inidividual points on a photo. This version only lets you stretch or compress the entire side of a photo. Granted, its only 99 cents, but after buying it, I thought about how I could have bought something off of a value menu somewhere.


Waste of a dollar. Buy Pocket God before the price goes up.

Poor program

Extremely limited changes can be done on pictures


So, so stupid. Complete waste of money. Do not buy it

Not as cool as youd think

It only slides the image around. I want to be able to melt the image. Shop around first.

fun app

its a fun, amusing app...it does need a new update thou...you should be able to like twist the faces so its all swirly..that would be cool

Do not buy

This app is horrible it doesnt even do what it says. It only has 4 different looks to change your picture. It is not the same as the program found on a mac.

very simple grid-based image warp

Not much to it, was expecting more. saw the 5 star reviews put on top (probably by the developer) and dloaded, my mistake. At least it was only 99 cents.

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